USA’s “black friday”

US annual shopping carnival has pulled down the curtain, Redmond’s “Black Friday” left me a deep impression still lingering.

Redmond was originally a little-known small town, hollister mikiny and later as Redmond election here, make this town famous. Black Friday in the United States to refer to the first day of the annual Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November) after. This day is usually considered marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season, is seen as a barometer of the annual Christmas retail sales, as well as various businesses of the year is one of the most valued busiest days. In recent years, the US network providers of development is in full swing, many customers are network operators also split away, blocking the line of people in front of the mall is not so much as in the past, but still the American Black Friday shopping festival. This year, the eve of Black Friday, the major media have launched discounted goods and what the price of cabbage, chop hands price covered the major sites, some well-known US Black Friday shopping mall rally was also held large demonstrations. In order to relieve fears of terrorist attacks, US President Barack Obama walk into a mall, “with the public purchase”, also made a speech so that people can rest assured.
Christmas hollister we are close to noon when Raymond came to the pedestrian street. Just a few days did not come here has changed a look, pulled along the street by the pine red silk composition “Christmas Street flower.” Pedestrian street, a row of Christmas oncoming train, filled with the above children and their parents. Then move forward, it is several burning alcohol lamp “Pillar of Fire”, which in the big glass pillar of fire burning, as well as exquisite pattern outside iron mesh safety cover, some of the adults with children around, “Roast” There are also a few couples around the pillar of fire and join in the fun. Around the pillar of fire, it is a children’s playground and a photo with Santa Claus long queue. After the queue is Square concert. The most interesting places are right in front of Macy’s department stores. Even repair from a temporary skating rink, skating and some people dressed up as the most popular cartoon character, attracted many people, especially the children’s eyes, a lot of people competing group photo with them. They are also all comers. Walking in the pedestrian street, makes you feel really festive atmosphere here.

We went into the mall when the first round of shopping war has ended. Mall scene, as if the last movie looks defeated retreat authorities, especially the site selling shoes and clothing, some of the clothes and shoes chaotic onto the floor, the price tag is moved, it seems that just after a buying. Aisle, pushing the child’s young children also take the car full of clothes, car doll and some are shouting mother. Hollister outlet Shopping hall pillar edge, some of the baby’s father has been holding fall asleep soundly, dolls are still looking around. Next to the dressing room, ready to try underwear of people lined up, some of the people tried not fit underwear has piled up the hill, the staff patiently trip to the mall are taken away trip to finishing. Broadcast mall, the less time to remind customers to protect their money, to prevent theft. It is said that Black Friday, will give thieves the opportunity to bring more than usual, is the largest American thief day, consumers are the property of the body and the car theft is their main goal. “Black Friday customers come to buy things, everything is really young and old, including some column of the Shui people in wheelchairs, and this is rare in peacetime. Men mostly buy home appliances and kitchen utensils Men buy a good understanding of household appliances, kitchen appliances, does not seem to buy our Chinese men’s habits. It is said that American men cook at home, while small, but quite common to buy kitchen supplies. The reason probably is that these products are often in the kitchen updates, often some new stuff versatile, faster than the computer updated, in order to encourage and thank the bitter labor of the wife in the kitchen, the husband will buy from time to time new supplies out of the kitchen to have in mind, to catch Black Friday Great price, of course, can not miss this opportunity. Women are mostly clothing shoes, bags and children’s products are interested in children, especially a child’s clothing and shoes and decorative items, as long as the above children’s favorite cartoon image, most of the deep was the children’s favorite, it became the best-selling product. buy things most Chinese probably saw carrying large bags, most of our compatriots, they bought the stuff, mostly around the Spring Festival is ready to give to friends and relatives to return home to visit relatives . Usually we visit department stores, often feel like the most quiet place where customers seem even less than the library readers. Today, the department store was a little like our domestic shopping malls.

After Black Friday, I saw in the US media such a message, although the United States can be said to be the world’s first popular online shopping, but until now, for American consumers, mobile shopping is still not so popular desktop platforms, “Black Five” America is still the main entity mall. According to Adobe’s 4500 track website (including 80 percent of the nation’s top 100 retailers), the 2015 US “Black Friday” when Skynet purchased a 14 percent increase in sales compared to reach $ 2.72 billion last year.hollister online shopping